The Healing Lands Project is a non-profit initiative under Grand Canyon Youth dedicated to facilitating wilderness trips for child victims of family violence. This innovative program utilizes the healing power of the natural world to soothe the wounds of trauma and violence.

What we do

Healing Lands seeks to utilize the beauty and serenity of a wilderness river trip to bring healing to children and adolescents who are victims of family violence and, in some cases, have lost a parent to intimate partner homicide.

Who we serve

We support wilderness experiences for children and adolescents, varying from age 5 to 17 who are served by Arizona community organizations that provide direct services to youth and families affected by violence. Our participants are referred to the project by their direct service providers.

Why we partner

The Healings Lands Project is meant to supplement a child’s services, not replace them. Children and adolescents rely on services and resources in their community, which is why our partnerships are critical to addressing family violence more effectively.

Nurture in nature

Child abuse is a national crisis. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 3.4 million children in the United States were deemed at risk in 2015 for being victims of domestic abuse and neglect, and more than 3,000 children were impacted by intimate partner homicide. We aim to address this crisis by offering trauma-informed opportunities for children to connect with nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved and support this project?

Healing Lands is built from non-profit work which means this project would not be sustainable without donations. If you want to support the Healing Lands Project, please consider donating! You can donate directly to the project here, or you support the project by purchasing the Pure Land book.

There are other ways you can help, too! You can find ways to give to Grand Canyon Youth or check out ways to volunteer with any of our partners!

I know a child or teen who would benefit from an outdoor experience. How do I sign them up?

Our participants are referred to the Healing Lands Project through their direct service providers. You can contact any of our listed partners for more information and services.

How can I find more about the trips?

Our trips are managed and ran by Grand Canyon Youth, a non-profit organization with a mission to make the outdoors accessible to children and adolescents. Find more information about their trips here.

My child's direct service provider does not partner with Healing Lands. What do I do?

The Healing Lands Project hopes to one day reach every child and teen in Arizona that has survived family violence.

If your service provider does not already partner with Healing Lands, please contact us directly or ask your service provider to contact us.

We hope to make more partnerships in years to come.

Do you have other questions? Contact us, your child’s direct service provider, or any listed partners of Healing Lands.